Saulo Sarmiento Workshop

Saulo Sarmiento TEACHERS and Advanced workshop: MASTERCLASS / SIGNATURE TRICKS
level: advanced, teachers, inter adv (min. Handspring)
description: A high level workshop, indicate for teacher or high level students. With a good conditioning exercises and advanced combos/ tricks. Splits, handpsprings, dynamic tricks, all my tricks.
Coreography optional, THE MOST COMPLETE WORKSHOP.
price: 320 zł
duration: 1.30h/2.00

Saulo Sarmiento inter/advanced workshop:
level: inter/advance , advance (min, Inversion)
description: Workshop indicate for people with medium/high level. Warm up, conditioning on the pole, signature tricks and fluidity combos. relax time.
price: 300 zł
duration: 1.30 h, but i always give from 15 to 30 min more.

Saulo Sarmiento poleography
A dance / coreography workshop were people can learn a choreography using the pole, its a workshop to give people dance vocabulary and ideas for their choreographies. One of my best workshops, I love to teach this one!!
Level: ALL Levels.
280 zł

Saulo Splits:
Workshop about all mi split tricks, level: every person must have one split (right or left )
1.15 hours. 240 z ł

House of handspring:
Tips and all my handspring tricks. 1H 240 zł ( students must have handspring )

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