Warsztaty Pantera Blackshitch 28-29 .11.2014



Pole Awesome 180 Minutes 370 zł
A workshop for the biggest pole junkies out there. Three hours of pole combos and
transitions that is sure to challenge not just the body but the mind. Linking movements and
“discovering” new poses by brainstorming possibilities from move to move. Students are
encouraged to perform each addition to the combo.
*Have two favorite poses to start from.

Tri-Sexta 180 Minutes 370 zl
This three hour workshop covers all the goodies. One hour of exotic dance to encourage
fluidity in movement and engagement with an audience or judges. Another hour of pole tricks to
challenge participants with technique and strength. The final hour of stretching to focus on
methods and techniques Pantera has learned from across the globe. A combination of subjects
that compliment each other and present a vast amount of material.
*Level: Beginner – Intermediate. Depends on the group.
*Prepare a short list of movements for the pole section.

Exotic Dance Workshop 60 Minutes 95 zł
Pole dancing was not popularized because of all the amazing monkey stuff seen on
youtube or in competition, but rather the self confidence and self acceptance boosting power
this practice offers. Not to mention its a little taboo, naughty and inappropriate. Learn new
choreography, challenge yourself to engage and present yourself Pantera style!!
*Level: Easy…but you’ll work hard.
*Wear heels, socks, leg warmers or anything that will allow feet to slide.

Signature Tricks 120 Minutes 290 zł

● Ceiling Lay
● Walking on the ceiling
● Ceiling Splits
● Invert
● Spinning Invert
● Jade
● Inside Leg Hand (ILH)
● Hip Hold
● Shotgun Mount
● Vertical Climb
● Side Climb
● Knees
● Cupid
● Foot Stand
● Blaze
● Armpit
● Swivel Hips
● Inverted Elbow
● Shoulder Mount
● Spinning Shoulder
● Brass Monkey
● Lay Back
● Inverted Rope Climb
● Spin and Snap
● One Hander
● Split Spin
● Miranda
*Level: Advanced
*The list of signature maneuvers speaks for itself.

Beginner Intensive
60 Minutes
110 zł
Gripping, holding and building trust is what this workshop is all about. Pole dancing is a series of progressions that help the performer build trust in their ability to perform such monkey feats. Use this workshop to get an edge on your training.
*Level: Easy…but difficult 🙂
*Wear shorts

Grafik propozycja

15.00 tri-sexta 180 min – 370 zł
18.15 exotic Dance 60 min 95 zł
19.30 beginer intensive 60 min
110 zł


15.00 signature trick 120 min 290 zl
17.30 pole awesome 180 min 370 zł
20.45 exotic Dance 60 min 95 zł


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